Ariel have 23 Video Mesum with many Artist

Berita Terbaru Video mesum as men and women, like Ariel Cut Tari raises new problems, namely a video mesum 23 former female vocalist of Peterpan.

News circulating in cyberspace, a forum, like Ariel to keep the s*x scenes themselves, and store it in a notebook. Ariel laptop is lost and fell into the hands of irresponsible people.

mesum video files so that the stars personal Lux ad has been leaked into cyberspace. Reportedly, Ariel mesum video with several female celebrities in the land will be released one by one.

When asked about his response on the reports of the video is ugly Ariel 23 with several women, a substitute host on the powerful Luna Maya, Astrid Tiara claim could not comment. "23 people, many of them are good, not a little Luna. Who knows Loe () the best for us," he said during a strong event.

Astrid personally hope that it is no longer in circulation as a video mesum 'Ariel Luna Maya' and 'Ariel Cut Tari'. "There has been, since the eastern culture, eastern culture, this highly guarded hope. The last," he hoped.

Last week came two mesum videos like Luna Maya and Ariel. But in the video for two minutes, it was suspected he was not Ariel, as the stomach. Luna does not deny that the woman herself, she also denied having tattooed woman in the video.

This video has not been completed, he returned, he played a mesum video couples Ariel Cut Tari. This video has better prospects than ever before. One indicator that the person is near Ariel. He was wearing a watch that is worn like Ariel.

Until now, the former lead singer Peter has not happened, and clear about the mesum video.


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